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Well Lily is definitely my 'Horse of the Year' but someone else is going to claim that title this weekend at Barstoc HOY - and in the process I'm receiving my initiation into the world of showing. 

Mrs T is ringside on the grass arena watching a dance of exquisitely turned out creatures.  As an eventer with no showy background, this is mesmerising. I am not even authorised to own horse makeup due to the likelihood of ending up with a horse that looks like a toddler who found mummy's lipstick.  My last haphazard efforts at turning out Trooper for dressage at Wallaby Hill CCI included black hoof paint - apparently a woeful no-no with a grey horse with white feet: bugger.  So this is huge.  

I brought Trooper with me to keep me busy after shop hours and I like to think he's making everyone who didn't place feel better - because he's filthy.  Like really really dirty (blame Summer in the nude).  I actually think his tail might be brushing on the ground, which might be the only brushing its had lately. So even if you didn't get a ribbon, you definitely do not own the worst presented horse at Werribee this weekend! 

Now I own a bay horse I can equip myself with a comprehensive showy kit ... I'm thinking quarter marking equipment, makeup and even white stuff for her one white sock.  I also think Lily's tail is not quite world class so maybe there's call for a falsie. And its all here! But I'll call an expert before I start applying any of my loot...

Happy riding,

Mrs Tutton x



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