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Woohoo news flash - the gorgeous Jade Findlay is going to be wearing the finery of Mrs Tutton!

I recently went to see a horse Jade was selling and spent some time at her historic property near Windsor.  Whilst the horse wasn't the one for me, I was struck by how perfectly my clothes fitted into Jade's world of horses, work and family.  I understood why Jade and her mum Jean have been such passionate supporters of Mrs T.  So working together with Jade seemed like a natural extension of the relationship that already exists.

Jade grew up as a Sydney city kid obsessed with horses.  She learnt to ride a bit on visits to the country but it wasn't until she finished school and went overseas to Christopher and Jane Bartle, both Olympic Dressage Riders, that things got serious. Returning from England at 19, Jade started her competitive riding career and by 23 was riding at 3* level.  She worked for Karen and Stuart Tinney and then set up on her own.

As important as the people that have influenced Jade are the horses she's owned and trained. Perhaps the most notable is Holstein Park Leilani.  It was some years after spotting that the mare that she turned up for schooling. Jade formed a bond eventing with the mare, who had formerly been a dressage horse, quickly took her up to pre-novice and then had the opportunity to buy her. Jean and Jade bought her together, but it was the arrival of baby Piper that sent the mare to Chris Burton where they made history at WEG, London Olympics and Achen.  Leilani is now happily grazing in Jade's paddock while her first baby (to Shane Rose's 'Another Warrior') has just been broken.

Layer upon layer of skills and experience were building Jade into the successful eventer she is today. Jade has made a career out of her childhood passion, no matter how improbable that seemed at times.  Throughout she has maintained her cheeky smile and enthusiastic attitude.  Mrs T wishes Jade every success with her beautiful horses and looks forward to helping her look the part. 

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