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I'm feeling a bit whingeing at the moment* but today I received a notification that reminded me that the 'me, myself and I' business I've made brings me great joy. 

Working for myself is usually fantastic - I'm the VP of everything (and possibly the master of none!) and my day is structured around what I want to achieve. Feel like the soothing task of myob entries - sure.  Need a fabric fix - no problem, go see Juro and wallow in swatches from Japan. Riding a horse... answer emails from the phone using the conveniently worn through thumb and first finger holes in my gloves. Haven't made it to the shower yet...I can still operate the shop front with a smile even if I'm a bit grubby. Maci the viszla and Lily the mare usually welcome a board meeting if it involves pigs ears or carrots. However, some days the solo operator online business model can be a bit lonely and with no one to pick up the slack on the unwanted tasks, it can also become a bit of a chore.  

As many of you probably know, I started out with a store on Etsy.  I've kept the store, even though most people shop with me at mrstutton.com. Etsy is a great marketplace and has a strong culture of posting reviews. One of my customers is from Virginia in USA. She has bought from me on 3 occasions, and each time she takes the time to post a review.  Today my phone buzzed while I was gloomily mucking out a stable with this...

Someone on the other side of the world loved my work.  It wasn't just me and my crazy ideas - I'd really made something that filled a wardrobe hole and made this woman happy.  And that's what I live for - the smile when a lady walks out of a change room looking amazing, a homespun happy snap wearing my gear and a review that not only bolsters me but gives me new ideas. So I'm back in favour of working for myself and following the dream... and off to design pockets.

Thank you to everyone who supports Mrs Tutton 💋

*sorry to anyone I've inflicted that upon, especially Michael and Jim the farriers with whom I had to restore relations with via Lindt balls and coffee.


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