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An online store is liberating, but sending my little parcels off into the world without meeting my customers can feel hollow. 

I know so much about how the clothing will look, but nothing about who will wear it. I guess about who she is and what her life is like. Does she ride? Is she a mother? Is this for work? Or the farm? How far will she had to drive to claim her parcel? Will she tear it open in the car or wait for the privacy of her room at the end of the night? I marvel at the names of towns - Murroon, Talmalmo, Tumbi Umbi, Larralea. The best is when the address is simply a property name.

Recently I had a woman get in touch to discuss sizing (which I love). She was enthused about the brand and clothes that had been designed with her country life in mind. So off went my little parcel.  And today I discovered this on the website.

My work has just come alive. The beautiful linen dress is treasured and bringing happiness.  My heart is full and I love my job. 

Thank you Roz.



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