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My life theory has always been to jump in the middle and figure it out as I go.  Which explains why I took up horse riding at age 30, started a fashion brand in my 40s and have some excellent ideas for 50!** But somedays, the high risk / low skill model fails to deliver more than frustration.  

The beautiful Lily and I had a parting of the ways on cross country yesterday (sorry to anyone trying to do their dressage test when she galloped back through the warm up) and it was all my fault.  One perfectly executed fence and I upgraded my baby to pro status, galloping down to the second (notoriously spooky) second fence.  Chickens were counted, prides wenteth and my crash vest proved its worth with a pop and a bounce. While I have my stated life philosophy, my mother more succinctly boxed me as 'learning everything the hard way' and yep, she could be right. And admitting that probably hurts more than the stack!

On a happier note, its always nice to know my crash vest is working.  And we (both) stayed in the ring for the dressage test, so that's a win. 

Happy (sensible) riding,


** but fails to explain why I am a terrible dancer.





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