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Summer is brutally hard on everyone's legs. Its definitely time to move to Boneo for some sandy soil or bring on a fresh season.  

Poor Trooper has been on sabbatical with Fat Lizzie for weeks, courtesy of a nasty stone bruise.  Nothing particular happened, simply being in a rock hard paddock, doing a bit of hacking and fitness work on the tough ground and one loose stone in the wrong place has made for an unexpectedly laid back Summer for my little Queenslander. 

Summer isn't just tough on the horses...sponsored superstar Nina unfortunately nailed her landing when Frenchie stumbled after a fence, sending her ankle bones, tibia and fibula into a shattered jumble. That's  3 months out of the saddle that will seem like forever. 

I, however, have smugly avoided these problems by a) having no horse to ride (see above) and b) joining the new local gym for a different sort of sweaty.  So hopefully by the time the rain does its job, Trooper is back on four legs and I blow the dust off my riding gear, Mrs T will be muscle bound and ready to sprint her cross country courses.  Here's hoping that's soon!

Happy riding,

Mrs Tutton xx


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