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The older I get the more nostalgic I am about growing up in the country.  I'm lucky to be the custodian of the family photo albums - an extensive collection of every embarrassing moment of my childhood plus a comprehensive archive of my mum's garden design and creation.  

Looking back through the albums I see my life from a step removed. Seeing things in two dimensions sharpens my eye and can also make minor things on par with majors.  My mum's blue and white diagonal stripe tee-shirt dress holds as precious a spot in the album as my brother's first electric guitar. 

This month my home is featured in Country Style magazine and the fresh eye has me completely falling in love again. I'm not seeing the weeds, the cobwebs, the unharrowed paddocks or the messy bedrooms. Instead I see the framed landscapes, graceful proportions of the home and my wonderful 2 and 4 legged family. Seeing myself photographed beside my horse has also made me realise I'm tiny!

When we made stumbled across this empty property 8 years ago, inhabited only by ducks and birds flocking around the lake we had no idea how it would transform our lives, but we definitely knew it would be special. And thanks to this article, I now have a beautiful record of its transformation. Read more @countrystylemag. 


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