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In my childhood the bleak, dark Winters seemed to go for-ev-er. With heating viewed as an indulgence, the open fire was the centre of family life. The tactility of our surrounding was crucial to emotionally surviving the long, bleak months of Kyneton in the '70s.  Hand knitted beanies, thick socks, flannel shirts, ugg boots, woolly jumpers and a steady supply of steaming tea and chocolate biscuits made life bearable.

My Dad always seemed the best equipped for the season.  And he needed to be to navigate the slippery, rutted, mud-swamp laneways on the motorbike or feeding out hay in the pitch darkness with the rain coming in sideways. His uniform came from two memorable locations - the produce store and a holiday to Canada. I thought it was magical that you could go into town for a tagging gun and come home with clothing! And a family holiday to Canada secured the best ever hat and flannel shirt. The moleskins almost stood up without him at the end of the day and the flannel was topped with navy blue woollen jumper and thick pea coat.


My Winter collection is a homage to my wonderful Dad - but stays on the right side of country!  I have made soft, stretchy moleskins in a classic narrow leg (easy to slide into boots) that will carry you from farm to city with style. The warm, soft double-sided Japanese fabrics of my Tuesday shirt and Wednesday hoodie create a warmth and kindness that will see me through to Spring.  Layer up with a simple vest and denim 'puffa' shirt and ta-da, country essentials all sorted.  


Shop the winter collection with a smile in your heart.

Love you Dad x



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