• Transylvania? Is that even a real place?

    Posted by imogen tutton

    Transylvania? Is that even a real place?

    12months ago Erika Kovacs* and I were chatting at our shops at the Carl Hester Dressage Masterclass. She had just returned from a trip to Hungary and Transylvania, horse riding through the mountains. “It was life changing” she said, “we’re going again, you should come”. And so now I have just spent the most extraordinary 7 days in Transylvania, doing exactly what I...

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  • Why I absolutely L O V E online shopping

    Posted by Dan Jones

    Last week I was having a bit of a blue day and I took all of the recommended healthy adult actions like I exercised, ate well, talked to a friend, was kind to myself, was grateful and all that jazz but the best thing I did was SHOP. All over the world. In bed. In my pyjamas. With a cup of tea. And my dog. 

    This week, due to all the lovely measures...

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  • Lily goes to the dark side

    Posted by imogen tutton

    In the lead up to Melbourne International 3 Day event, the beautiful and talented Lara Tweedie wrote a blog post on eventing*. She reflected on the bravery and determination of eventers and the exhilaration of the sport for both rider and spectator. Lara also commented on the incredible supportiveness and enthusiasm amongst the community.  All in all, it was a terrific article and I finished reading feeling proud to be an eventer,...

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  • Me, myself and I

    Posted by imogen tutton

    I'm feeling a bit whingeing at the moment* but today I received a notification that reminded me that the 'me, myself and I' business I've made brings me great joy. 

    Working for myself is usually fantastic - I'm the VP of everything (and possibly the master of none!) and my day is structured around what I want to achieve. Feel like the soothing task of myob entries - sure.  Need a fabric...

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  • The Country Style of Mrs Tutton

    Posted by imogen tutton

    The older I get the more nostalgic I am about growing up in the country.  I'm lucky to be the custodian of the family photo albums - an extensive collection of every embarrassing moment of my childhood plus a comprehensive archive of my mum's garden design and creation.  

    Looking back through the albums I see my life from a step removed. Seeing things in two dimensions sharpens my eye and can also make...

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